The Creed Of Success

All NW (or anyone in Club Penguin Armies) should read this. This is regarding YOU.


I have only just realized what this community needs. I have only understood what change is and how to instill it. Over the past decade, we have been doing things as if we are still in the stone age regarding our era. And it’s true. CPAC has been the only significant movement in armies within the past seven years, and everything else has been respective towards each other and their own values. What has gone unnoticed, however, is the political belonging in armies as a whole. Without establishing a proper way of function, armies are at risk through the entirety of their existence. We’re lucky more than a handful of armies have survived for over 5 years without mandating any particular rules or enforcing a particular regime. I was deluded into believing everything is right, however, it was all an illusion. What is so right about gaining troops only to lose them? To gain more? What is a surplus if we cannot achieve one? These are questions that I address, to those who facilitate extreme recruiting regimes and other extremes upon their own workforce. The fallacy of recruiting is comical. To top, it’s widely considered mandatory. We are under the guise that with a simple click of a button, we can remain a functioning and growing army.

You’re wasting your time, and you’re contradicting yourselves in the end. Albeit it seems everyone is visually impaired, I will be your pair of glasses. None of you, clearly, care about your army or troops if all you do is enact a recruiting force and nothing else. Addressing the problem directly, we must fix this.

Not to mention that I formerly lead the Dark Warriors, and whilst I held the power I decided to put the army down because of its poor performance. Why, you may ask? For the same reason we put down animals who show symptoms of near death. I ended DW because death was imminent. I did not want them to suffer. To my surprise, however, my troops did not agree with my decisions. Was it due to the inevitable choice not being unanimous? Was it because I did not return to save them? I do not know. I do know, however, that I saved them from wasting what we humans consider invaluable; time. Which the NW will not waste. But this only sparks another topic, which is considering the malleability of our emotions. Of course they have to break at some point, right? However, under such a philosophy, you imply that there’s a way to push the implications. This could be accomplished by reinforcing the minds of the new, while they’re still mint condition. We will do just that. All new troops in NW will undergo a certain pledge, a pledge that will not only confirm that they fight for justice, but that they understand the literal advancement of our government! That they recognize they are proud to be a Night Warrior! For Xxtoysoldier, and for Drake!



NW-TNO Rules:

  1. If you’re an NW, you’re an NW. You pledge your allegiance to us only.
  2. If you happen to leave NW for any other faction, you will be formally dismissed from NW, for ever.
  3. Showing as sign of rebellion towards Drake & Xxtoysoldier will cause your ultimate banishment.
  4. Everyone is treated similarly. No single citizen in NW-TNO shall be considered inferior, or receive any less benefits.
  5. You must understand the importance of your presence in NW. Moderator in NW is equivalent to owner in any other army. Being high in the ranks is something you earn, and in order to be ranked accordingly, you must show you can.

The Night Warriors will be the solution to Club Penguin armies. We introduce the proper way and mix of not only socialism, but individualism. If your goal is to be safe & hold a secure rank in and army, of course while progressing, then we will take you. Under our wing, we promise safety to all of our troops. We don’t think about individuals, we think about everyone, all at once. And we will be prevalent by establishing a patriotic connection between our new soldiers!

Be NW! Be Protected.

As of today, we render ourselves as the Night Warriors, however under a certain occupation, The Night Order. This is a succession to The First Order, which failed due to miscommunication. It won’t happen again.

And we begin our conquest! And our only task is to prevail!

Night Warriors (Occupied by T.N.O. Regime)




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  1. Nice post Toy *Salute*

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