Turn of Events

Well, I am going to attempt to retell the events of today’s battle but even I, who was there the entire time, don’t understand it completely.

Today we were scheduled to fight the Ice Warriors for a tournament hosted by Houndy66. When I came on, the chat was nearly dead and only four soldiers were on fighting. I quickly took command, but when I went on Club Penguin there were these Orange penguins and a considerable amount of Ice Warriors. Only later did I find out it was GT. Since I did not know what to do, my first response was to attack both of these armies that had intruded on our battle. As we fought, more and more Night Warriors poured into our chats until we were able to rival both GT and IW.

We sent wave after wave of charges and soon afterwards IW left for reasons I did not know then. After they had left, we focused our entire force on GT pounding them with mighty blows and superiors tactics. We made sure not to let them make their lines and covered them with ours. The ran from rooms and back again, fearing us.

For a whole hour we fought, but GT was destined to lose. Finally, we drove them out with their leader gone and their tails between their legs. Someone had misinformed me and said IW was supposed to fight GT in a tournament, but Icey told me different. When I talked to Icey (IW Leader), he told me that the tournament had been rescheduled for next week and no one was supposed to be fighting. We beat GT in a scheduled event, which is pretty sad considering that they are a major army. Enough of my ramblings, I’ll let you decide that for yourselves.

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  1. Im assuming DW changed their names to NW if that is right.

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