Vick44’s First Post as Leader

Korei3: Just to let you all know, we got 271 veiws yesterday, and so far at 9:02amEST, we have about 35 🙂 Good job guys, I have a feeling we are going big thiis time 😀

In case you don’t know I am the new NW leader. Tomb has retired and I have taken his position as leader. I will be a good but strick leader. In other words I don’t take like jerkness. If that is a word. My goal as a NW leader is to make this army as big as it can get. One thing you can do to make this army bigger is if you are ever on chat with nothing to do. Go on cp and recruit. Also if we are ever at war with an army raid them if you like. Raiding is different than invading. When you raid you just go on to bug the other army. Also if you have any friends that play CP then tell them to join. I guess you could ask brothers and sisters as long as you have two computers.

“See you at the top” – Vick44

P.S. Our slogan is “We have pizza.” I don’t care what Ven ven says.


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