Hello Night Warriors! Yesterday and today was an AMAZING turnout. I am very happy to announce we have acquired 2 new servers! Frozen and Whiteout! I am VERY proud of you NW. You have shown that we are not some little noob army, and that we deserve a spot in the top 10.

To UMA: You guys did good, but we did better. I hope we can become allies or become neutral.

Here are some pics:

NOTE: The pics are a little big, so you must right click and click “view image” to see the whole thing.

Invasion of White out:

Before the battle starts

We charge with a Night Bomb and cover them in darkness.

We claim the Snowforts.

We charge the Town with our Night Bomb.

We claim the Town.

We form a line in the Docks.

We claim the Docks with little numbers, but still greater than UMA’s.

We claim the Plaza.

We claim the Cove.

We go back and reclaim the Snowforts.

Full chat

UMA Surrenders:

Invasion of Frozen:

Puke face.

We claim the Forts.

We claim the Town.

We claim the Docks.

We charge to the Plaza, and after a while claim it.

We take the final room, and end this battle.

Claiming of Frozen:

Overall AWESOME job NW! You guys did awesome and deserve the promo’s!

>>Click here for PROMOTION/DEMOTION list!

Live free or don’t at all”



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