Night Warrior’s Guidebook[ALL NEW RECRUITS MUST READ THIS]

If you’re new to the Night Warriors of Club Penguin I highly recommend you read this to understand the basics of Club Penguin Armies and how to rank up faster. This should answer all of your questions.

If you’re, let’s say, new to Club Penguin armies and you don’t know how to battle, then this is the page for you! Think of this as a little learner’s guide. This page will give you just a little information on tactics, leading any everything you need to learn in CP armies.


2. Ranks

3. Events

4. Chat

5. Promotions/Demotions





Q: What are tactics?

A: Tactics are the battles moves or defense we use in events. They’re like our weapons in battles. Did you know that a battle is based on tactics more than size? Well, it’s true. Never base a battle on sizes before tactics. Even a CP army judge can tell you this.

Here’s a list of basic tactics used in battles. These are very common in events and you’ll see them being used a lot.

To use them Press the keys shown in the pictures.

When a leader counts down for a tactic to be perform, and say’s “E9 NOW” you simply just press E then 9 on your computer then you’ll perform the mad face emote! The same goes for the rest of the emotes too. Pretty easy, right?

We will also give certain orders where you’ll have to type something in on the chat bar. The leader will tell you to type in a certain tactic, such as “WE WIN.” You would type that in, and once everyone was ready the leader would count down until 3 then everyone would enter and perform the tactic. The same goes any other typed phrase.

We also have a few other unique tactics that often use and refer to under a unique name as you can see below:

  • Frenzy: bomb or charge the entire room with whatever tactic the leader ordered to do
  • Waterfall: charge up and down on your screen with whatever tactic the leader ordered to do
  • Rake: charge side to side on your screen with whatever tactic the leader ordered to do



Ranks are divided by-Experience,Time in the army , Recruiting , and how active you are on chat and attend Events.

Night Warriors Leader: The NWLeaders are second to none and their word is law, anyone who doesn’t obey the command of a leader or disrespects a leader within reason is liable for whatever punishment the leader may wish to give. They’re the Supreme Commanders on the battlefield and their commands must be followed to the letter.

Night Warriors Owners: The soldiers ranking just below the leaders are also allowed to run the army in the absence of leaders at any given time. However these people must also realize that their position is one long sought after and are expected to perform up to standard or they can be demoted or fired altogether at any given time by a leader.

 Night Warriors Mods: The mod ranking veterans are expected to make sure the chat remains civilized and are expected to dish out the correct punishment to anyone being uncivilized. If a mod disobeys any of the rules or doesn’t perform their duties they can expect to be demoted also.

NW Members: The vast amount of NW Soldiers are expected to follow the rules of the army and to learn how to react to different situations from their superiors. They need to realize they’re the future of DW and need to set a high standard for themselves and the army in general.


You Can Check your rank at http://nightwarriorscp/ranks


There are Event times listed on the top of Schedule you have to find your Timezone for example Est=eastern standard timezone and Logon  CP at event time  you have to be quick we announce Server/place on  Our Chat




What Is NW Chat?

DW Chat is a safe, appropriate place for everyone to have fun and talk to each other. We have moderators on the chat to make sure that everyone follows the rules and is not acting inappropriately, so it is ok to come whenever you want. It is also the place where all troops receive BATTLE ORDERS from the leaders! Afterall, if we couldn’t communicate, then how would we work as a team? That’s why it’s very important that during battles you are on DW chat to receive orders about tactics and when to log on/off.

How Do I Go On NW Chat?

There are several ways to go on NW Chat. One is to just go to our army’s website, which is Once you get on there, the chat box is embedded in the top of the site. Or, you can click on any one of the pictures or pages that says “Chat”, “Come Chat With Us”, or “NW Chat”. Finally, you can go directly to our chat, which is

How Do I Start Chatting?

If you’re new, just go on NW chat, type whatever you want in the box, and press enter. Your message will appear to everyone on the chat, and if you are a guest  (which sometimes means that you can’t see chat messages yet), a moderator (a person with a silver pawn)  or an owner (a person with a gold pawn)  will make you a member . The NW Bot can also make you a member. The NW Bot is just an automatic robot who can do really cool commands and can member people automatically.

Make sure that when you come to chat, change your name! I’ll show you how to do that in a bit.

If you just started, it may be a good idea to register for a xat account. You can make an account here: When you login (, your name and profile picture will be saved so that you don’t have to change it each time.

How Do I Use Chat?

Customizing You

Using NW Chat can be a very fun experience if you know how to do so.

  1. If you want to change your name, profile picture, and homepage, just click on yourself (your name), and you can type in your name. Please CHANGE YOUR NAME once you get to chat so that people will know that you are a NW Troop. Usually, people put their Club Penguin name as their chat name. Also, make sure you put “NW” or “Night Warriors” in your name so that we know you’re not an enemy spy.
  2. If you go directly to base and scroll down, you can copy and paste image URLs so that you have a NW profile picture. But otherwise, you can just download a picture, and upload it to Then, copy and paste the tinpic URL into the place where it has your profile picture. If you don’t want a NW picture or an uploaded one, just choose from the xat avatars.
  3. Your homepage is the website people will go to if they click on the little blue house next to your name. This is completely optional and if you don’t put any website for your homepage, the blue house won’t show up.


Private Messages (pm) and Private Chat (pc)

A private message (aka pm) is ONE MESSAGE that you can send to a certain person. To do this, click on the person’s name and click on “Private Message.” Then type the private message you want to send to that person, and then click enter. This message will have a lock symbol on it, and only you and that person can see that message. A private chat (aka pc) is kind of like an entire chat for only 2 people: you and whoever else you want to talk with. To do this, you just click on the person you want to talk to, click “Private Chat”, and there you are. To switch back to the main NW chat, just click on the NWHQ tab. To close the PC, click on the red X near the right of the PC tab.


Other Commands and Features of Chat

You can use the bot. For a list of commands, say !commands, and you can see what you can use the bot for. But don’t try to do things repeatedly if you are not ranked high enough. Only certain people, such as trusted, main owner, owner, and moderator can do certain things. As you can see on a xat card, you can also choose to friend, un-friend, ignore, marry/best friend, and more to the person.



Promotions and Demotions are important. It tell you who is active and who not. We will give you reasons why you will get promoted or demoted.



  • Come to a lot of events.
  • Recruit a lot.
  • Being active.
  • Anything to improve the army.


  • Not being active.
  • Refuse to follow leaders orders.
  • Starting unnecessary fights.
  • Not coming to events.



Night Warriors Uniforms

The bandanna and the green ball cap can both be found in the gift shop.



TIE Fighter Pilot Costume Code: BARONFEL

The bandanna and the green ball cap can both be found in the gift shop.

regular uniform

Here in the Night Warriors, we keep our uniform simple & free so everybody can obtain the items. Also, while all of the other armies have to spend tons and tons of time searching their inventories for the entire uniform, all we have to do is look for two or three!


But, there are also alternatives!

The green ball cap can be found in the gift shop. The others must be added with an item adder or already in your inventory.

final stealth uni


Try your best to be in uniform. If you don’t have these items, just wear anything black!


Recruiting gets you ranked up. Fast. Really fast.

If you want to participate in a recruiting squad, then all you have to do is:




3: You have downloaded RSClient! Next, find rsclient or rsclient.exe on your computer, and open the program.

4: Press Auto Typer, and look at the options. When you press add, you can add a line! When you highlight a line, you can press edit to edit it, or delete to delete it.

Keep pressing add until your lines look like this: (EXACTLY LIKE THIS!!!@@! SAME CAPITALS SAME EVERYTHING)tHRYWvu

Finally, login to Club Penguin on a spare account. ONLY ON A SPARE PENGUIN THAT YOU DON’T NEED. I recommend you make one just for recruiting, instead of using one that you consider a spare/one you don’t want/need, because usually that’s not true.

Login to CP, go on a populated server. Make sure nobody else is there advertising for another army, but if you see people advertising for NW, then stay. Stand in a good spot where you are not blocking anybody else. Click the chatbar so it looks like you are able to type something ( when you see the blinking | )

Press F12, or start. Note if you press start you will have to click on the chat again. It will take five seconds for the autotyper to begin its sequence, so be patient. Go do something in real life during the process, and when you come back (hopefully an hour or two later), press F12 again, or open rsclient and press Stop.

Happy Recruiting!!


Have any other questions? Comment below to ask them!


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