Troop of the month [ RESULTS!!]

The troop of the month if a award that is given to the most hard working, loyal, and active troop.


 And the winner is……………





Bam revan has been the most hard working troop no doubt it was a hard choice but me along with  the ownership agreed on it,  Bam thank you for your hard work and undying loyalty. *SALUTES*



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Recruiting Session

We maxed sizes of 300. We recruited around 6,000,000 civilians into our Empire. Great job today. We turned normal citizens into full blown artists of war. 

Keep up the good work, NW. We’ve got a plethora of things ahead of us, and I can tell those things are going to benefit us greatly.



Xxtoysoldier Portrait

-Xxtoysoldier, Immortal NW Leader

Commander of the Wehrmacht



We lagged a bit last week due to all 3 leaders being busy in real life stuff but now we are rising back.



~Flen, Fearless NW Commander

Retirement of Verum


March 5th, 2016: I officially retire from the Night Warriors.

I started off as the guy everyone called a hopper, the irrelevant 2ic from every army, but then Night Warriors came and changed me. 


I spent a year searching from an army I could call home. In late 2013, I joined ACP for like a week and as a recruit it was pretty exciting. I stayed for like a week and armies seemed pretty cool with all the tactics and stuff. All I really remember from my week at ACP is Jerry welcoming me to chat and some guy called Snaketeja on Club Penguin chanting join “The Army of Club Penguin”. Eventually I left for the Rebel Penguin Federation which was led by Elmikey at the time. RPF seemed cool with the U.S.R.P.F constitution and I eventually reached 2ic under Waffles. It was there I met Max. Max led ACP in 2013 and is the best friend I have on xat. We argued about Ireland and Britain and politics. Together we recreated FW, we joined Nachos together he would Skype with me when he was drunk. Most of what I remember from 2014 was hanging around with Cas.

What changed though was when I joined Dark Warriors under the Agents Era. Toysoldier recruited me and at the time I went by the aliases Falcon1111. I was a mod under Agents (there was only 5 mods and we maxed around 60). I loved it there and I spent around 12 hours a day autotyping. I made some good friends there, but most are not around anymore.

After that I led Shadow Troops and hopped army from army for the rest of 2014. I can’t remember much of what I did in 2015. But I came back to armies in September. I joined SWAT which is something I deeply regret. We were an army of multilogs similar to Doritos, but I found it really boring. It was 5 people and about 35 multilogs, after a week I realized I messed up really bad. I left SWAT and told the community what they had been doing. I joined Ice Warriors with my friend Cargo. Eventually we joined Dark Warriors. We led them to 40 with Freezie66 and Crazy. I made a mistake in Dark Warriors, one I really regret. I went AWOL and left Cargo by himself and at that stage he was just staying there for me. Cargo and I haven’t really spoke since then. After a while, Night Warriors came along. Toy and Drake offered me a position as leader.

Night Warriors

This is one decision I don’t regret and never will. Night Warriors is the greatest army to have ever existed. We did all of this by ourselves, no hype and no multilogs. We didn’t pay a penny we just put in a ton of effort. NW is the definition of self-made. We did this without anyone, everyone tried to “expose” us and take us down. Every army tried to declare war and in the process we killed Redemption Force, Water Vikings and took down Chaos.

My accomplishments in armies:

  • Led Night Warriors to 1st on CPAC.
  • Led Night Warriors to 60 along with the greatest troops and leaders in the community.
  • Led alongside two Legends.
  • Became a NW Legend.
  • Had Fun.

Good Bye’s

Max: Doubt you’re reading this, pretty sure in some jail cell, or you’re now a recovering alcoholic. Anyway man, you’ve been here for me since Day 1. You’re the best friend I’ve had on this community and we had good fun. I would say that I’m going to miss you, but you’ve already retired and I haven’t seen you in 6 months. Anyway good luck with your life and in college.

XxToysoldier I looked up to you when I was in Dark Warriors. I always wanted to be able to reach the heights you had and lead alongside you. You’re one of the greatest leaders in this community and hopefully you’ll get CPAC Legend one day. Thanks for giving me this opportunity and believing in me throughout my tenure as Night Warriors Leader. Good luck in your career and life. Bye Toy.

Drake: You’re a really good leader. Like you’re really underrated for everything you’ve done. You are a great leader and you do a lot of work behind the scenes. You’re a great friend and it was a pleasure to lead alongside you. Thanks for giving me this chance. I hope your cancer gets cured and you go a long way in life. Thanks for everything man.

Dr Flen: I’m not going to say I like you, I really don’t. You tried to RAT me while you were in Night Warriors. Karma is a bitch.

Mr Waffles: Kill yourself.

Japmoo: You’re a real asshole. You ban me on ACP because you hate Cas. I hope Japan gets nuked again and you end up getting blown up with it. 

Laoise: You’re good craic and I like you. Hopefully you go far in life and get on the Dublin team. Tiocfaidh Ar La.

Daniel: The definition of l33t 1337 Pr0 Haxx0r.

Sarge: You’re really annoying when you’re high.

Mustapha: You were a nice guy before 2015. You looked out for everyone in Doritos and you were a nice guy. I hope you turn back to the nice guy before 2015 instead of being a faggot.

Cargo: You were once a close friend of mine. I hope you can forgive me for DW I’m sorry man.

Joseph: Met you like two weeks ago, you seem pretty chill and hopefully you up your Bitcoin game and start making millions.

Tirodoragon: I don’t know you, you like never talk. I’ve known you for two years and you’ve only ever typed 5 sentences. 

Spi: Nerd.

Ganger: Stop trying to act black, just stop.

TehPie: You’re actually retarded, you’re like El Chapo but with extra chromosomes.

Bamraven: Flexes.

Bam (ACP): Flexes.

Step: You’re pretty chill.

Stromae and Bepboy: Tiocfaidh Ar La.

Freezie66: I looked up to you and you’re a chill guy. But the chances of you reading this are the same as Arsenal winning the league.

Sean The Assassin: Loyalist guy I ever met. You had an epileptic seizure while attending an RPF event. You had to go to hospital and everything.

Jt: Hopefully one day you’ll become a Night Warrior Leader.

To all of NW: You’re the greatest troops in Club Penguin, DON’T RETIRE BECAUSE I AM IF YOU DO I WILL BE FORCED TO RETURN.

Collection of NW Stuff:

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 7.09.35 PM


My Retirement Event Is This Saturday.

F  L E X E S

Victory against Golds!

We had a battle against the Golds, and as I predicted, we hit massive sizes on Club Penguin. The only owners on were Sports and ManBearPig. Very few moderators attended. I was the only leader available.

Imagine what we’re like when we’re all together.




Xxtoysoldier Portrait

-Xxtoysoldier, Immortal NW Leader

Commander of the Werhmacht

Goodbye for now

I JT retire from the Night Warriors army due to events that are occuring in my real life such as track meets, trying to keep my grades up for track and other event, working out, etc. This will  be my last post on the Night Warriors site probably for awhile. until then




❗ Massive Battle with Golds Army 

Sunday, February 28th

Server: Fog – Location: Snowforts

Time: 3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm GMT

Promotions for those who attend!