NW News – Jan 31st – Feb 6th

Hello Night Warriors, I’m one of your two co-leaders (along with Emoni). My name is Zelecon (One4444 on CP)

Many of you have most likely seen me on xat and talked to me for a bit so I thought I’d do something interesting. At the end of each week I’ll be posting a summary of the NW news of the week and what our goals for the next week are. So without further ado, let me present you to the news of February’s first week.


January 30th

Technically last week started on the 31st, but January 30th was an important day. On January 30th NW had one /big/ event. Our re-opening ceremony! On January 30th we showed the CP Army scene that the Night Warriors were back with a vengeance. We warned the CP army to prepare, because the Night Warriors’ cannot be stopped

Dang we have a lot of troops.


January 31st

The Beginning of last week saw our first invasion only a day after our opening event! Because the Golds had failed to show up for a battle, we instead decided to raid RPF’s battle against the Nachos and AR. This lead to a decisive victory on the server of Cozy. Not only did we win, we maxed about 33!


February 1st

Nothing on the 1st because we still have lives you know, so instead have a picture of a cat.


February 2nd

On the 2nd, we had our first /big/ battle against one of the world powers, ACP. Obviously, being the best army in the history of Club penguin, we were destined to win and avenge Vendetta and Tomb. It may not have been a decisive victory, but the Night Warriors came out on top, showing Club Penguin that no one is safe, not even the mighty ACP.

There was also a bunch of spam posts about the hockey game because all of the leadership have the comedic sense of two-year olds (myself included)


February 3rd

The 3rd was a sad day for the Night Warriors. Our hockey game with Team Drake vs Team Toy was scheduled today but we were raided by PR’s bots. However, if we had done the hockey game like was scheduled then Team Drake Toy would’ve won for sure!

We need to use swastikas more often guys.


February 4th

On the 4th we had a practice battle against the Army Republic. Like all the other battles we’ve been in, we won (we’re just too good). Not only did we win, but we maxed about 32 people on the server. That’s a great turnout and we need to keep it that way guys! Thanks to AR for participating the practice battle!


February 5th

On the 5th came a couple things, the bigger of the two being a practice battle against the Nachos, a great world power. The battle was a tie, a great feat considering the power of Nachonnia as well as Drake being the only leader online at the time of the battle, basically leading the entire NW force by himself.

“This is quite the organization” – Random Yellow Penguin

The other big event on the 5th was NW’s declaration of war against the Redemption Force of Club Penguin, a war that we are still fighting and winning, this is an important turning point however because we are showing that we can go toe-to-toe with world powers in practice battles and real wars.

You can read the war declaration here.

“Greetings Night Warriors,

We have declared war on the Redemption Force. They’ve made threats towards the great Night Warriors Empire and have annoyed various armies like our allies Fire Warriors and Night Rebels. We will join together to defeat them alongside our allies creating The Immortal Alliance. This is the first war of the new generation of Night Warriors. NW have never been an army to let anyone talk smack about them, or threaten with. We will demolish them once and for all.

War Comes and Goes, But My Soldiers Stay Eternal



February 6th

On the 6th we had our first invasion against the Redemption Force of Club Penguin, the invasion of Thermal. We did decent, pulling off a troop count of 25-30. Not as high as it could’ve been but we won the battle and claimed thermal as our land.


That’s it for the news of last week. This week is going to be even better though, lets show the world that nobody can take down the Night Warriors

This is your Meme God, Zelecon (one4444), signing off.


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