The Renewal of Honour

Where’s your own?

I hate having to resort to logic, because it reminds me these people cannot find their own.




I’ve been known to have my hypocritical moments, but this is utterly and profoundly nonsensical, and has no origin or evidence provided. To add, their own leader Max43 is a known multilogger in this community. Not even his coworkers wish to be beside him. Look for yourselves:


That should be sufficient enough to cover that topic.




Not to mention this Logrey kid “came back” from retirement after a surely settling few years. Why would he simply receive a rank so extreme as leader after such an absence? Do you all not believe that he has a life? Either way, it’s very evident this person is Badboy. We all know it is. However, we simply don’t have enough evidence to prove it justifiably. That doesn’t obstruct the feeling of our consciences, which above all tends to work in our favours.

I’m pretty sure DCP only maxed around ten today, and here’s what NW maxed:


I find it excruciatingly exasperating how these peons are trying to breach our territory, because I know if I didn’t find it so boring I could swiftly remove them from this community.. It’s clear that they themselves lack the morale to pursue this war, the RF and DCP, albeit they try to do the exact same to us. These are questions I have that will most likely remain unanswered, but what I can already uncover is that a morale is based on a systematical average; and with such a little legitimate foundation to make this basis on, it simply won’t turn out the way it should. These are things that we have to deal with ourselves, in the times when nobody else is by our side except the butt of our rifles.

… we are not going to stand for this, for in NW we will fight for what is right. And by God, through Hell in back if I’m forced to, I will treat those perpetrators of crime with the worst possible penalty!

For this not being for ourselves, but the United Nations as a whole.

You will face the Might Of The Night. And you will fear it.

Come at me.

-Xxtoysoldier, Immortal NW Leader


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  1. lmao

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