Legends/Hall of Fame page updated.

I have revamped the legends page and have added all those significant from past eras. Three categories of legends have been introduced. Here’s an excerpt.

Gold Legend(God)

A Gold Legend is considered a god among all Night Warriors. This individual is the fire and pride of the army, the creator of eras, the conqueror of all. He has done this and that, and all of the between. With their spirit, the Night Warriors live on for generations to come.

Red Legend 

A red legend is defined as anyone who has done a plethora of things to influence NW’s well being for the better in both the short and long term. This individual has gone farther than the call of duty, and, at times, changed Club Penguin Armies itself. Red Legend is not easily achieved, but once earned, there is no evidence disagreeing. These are the greatest Night Warriors in history.


They will forever be remembered for their undying loyalty to the Night Warriors. They are the warriors that NW depends on to strive. For they have fought through the hordes thick and thin and made NW what it is today. This is no ordinary soldier, no. This is an NW Legend, and will be recognized as such.

Descriptions of each era are a work in progress. Legends for the current era have not been inducted yet. You can visit the Hall of Fame in its entirety here.


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