Night Warriors | Might Of The Night

“As you get older, the questions come down to about two or three. How long? And what do I do with the time I’ve got left?”


Hello dear brothers and sister of the Night Warriors,

I am writing this speech to address you and even our enemies on our return. It may not mean the world to all of you but to those loyal soldiers, it will mean the world and we shall restore our great legacy and rise to far greater heights than previously done by the leaders of old.

Our goals are simple. Our goals as the Night Warriors army should be to stay as #1 Army and maintain the hold on that position for the entirety of the year as that is our glorious right to take what is ours and ours alone. That is what we must consider today on this most precious of days in the relevance of our army. We must consider that how we do out there on Club Penguin will truly show the community what we are ready to do and beat out of every army whether it is the Light Troops, Marines, or any other army foolish enough to go head to head with us in war. We cannot hold back and allow our empire to be small, weak, or flawed. We must expand it as that is our destiny to be the greatest, we must grow to be strong and possess a massive army ready to defeat our enemies, and perfect our tactics and our whole very way of operating as an army.

To the troops, the leaders expect you to do your best and follow their orders. You must always do so and in such a manner that you will all succeed in whatever your ambition is. For without you doing that which is their command, this army would never stand to be so great and we would never see the final victory that we have in mind. Let our return be your chance at personal success as well as the success of this army. If you were in the Night Warriors months ago and made gross mistakes that became a stain on our empire now is your chance at redemption and help expand the horizons that are available.

To our enemies, you will fear us as you did before. You may cower behind your empire, brainwashed troops, and rank but that will never stand to protect you from our brutal incursion. That will never change as we are the mighty and merciless and we will never stand for your ignorance, villainy, and dishonesty that has affected all you have waged war with. Let it be known that here on this day of all days your time of reckoning has come. The coming storm will consume you all so prepare to face the blitz of the Night Warriors army for it will be never ending and unkind. However, if you are a soldier following the orders of idiots in their “yellow reich” and so on. We offer you a very fair chance at redemption for whatever you were forced to do. You can leave and join us and be spared from the harsh conditions of the coming wars and be true guardians of Club Penguin, our empire, and ascend to the title of “legend” after you work so hard if you so choose that path.

Let nothing stop us. Let nothing frighten us. Let nothing weaken us. We, the Night Warriors, stand ready at our return and let this whole of the community know that we are ready for whatever they toss at us.

cangurito-nuevo copy

~Flen, Night Warriors Co-Leader


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