Declaration of War against the Water Vikings. Prepare yourselves.

I’ll keep it short and simple. NW will not tolerate ANY army who accuses us of cheating. WV’s artificial rise has led their leaders to act cocky. A notable Water Viking “Chip” has begged to join NW for leader and is now running his mouth after being refused the position. So congratulations. You have royally pissed off the NW empire, and now you will pay. We will march onto WV soil and happily burn your “kingdom” to the ground. We’ve had enough of your frequent requests to attend your events. Your place on this week’s top ten was the result of all your allies contributions. You have used every army to benefit your own without helping out in return. The Night Warriors will not have that.

 We do not chat recruit as you claim simply because we do not need to. We have soldiers from club penguin and do a damn fine job at growing our army legitimately. To accuse our troops of being robots is deeply insulting and resorting to making fun of a leader’s condition is pathetic.

Prepare yourselves, Night Warriors. We begin the war by raiding the Water Vikings capital, “Frostbite”. Our war campaign will be vicious and merciless. Give them hell.

~Drake, NW Main Commander


5 Responses

  1. We shall plunder and pillage their towns, burn their farms, and annihilate their armies at all cost.

    HEIL NW!

  2. Why is this post made in 2015 :/

    • so that its not stickied to top of the website lol. i set the date to 2015 on purpose

      • Ohhhh, that makes sense. I thought it was a glitch or something…i’m stupid -.-

  3. […] main reasons as to why along with a short but proud speech to his fellow troops. an excerpt from his post can be seen […]

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