We did amazing today! We maxed 40 and averaged 35 and defeated Night Rebels. Night Rebels got butt hurt and said we were bots, then said we multilogged, but now they’re typing us an essay saying sorry. We got 1st on the CPAC Top Ten today and proved we’ve taken the throne as the greatest army ever made. No one will stop us. MIGHT OF THE NIGHT!

We maxed 40+

~Verum, NW Night Lord



13 Responses

  1. Yeah! Might of the Night!

    • Name is Flubbadubba. 😛

  2. Wasn’t there, but awesome job!

  3. Good work.


  5. might of the night
    love good luck to all

  6. lol the whole time we had like 20+ and they had like 8-12 the whole time 😛

  7. might of night good luck

  8. my on cp is Dj5457

  9. I came! 😀 My Club Penguin name is Jeffman321 🙂

  10. i came

  11. Cab24 chat
    Cabriella24 in game

  12. Attended.

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