• Tip: Press +/= to reduce lag on CP
  • Tip: Be on the NW chat.
  • Tip: Be quick! Out maneuvering the enemy is vital to our victory.

Hello, Night Warriors. This is your commander Drake addressing the army. I have drawn out the official war plans for our campaign. It will be executed with efficiency and ultimately win us the war. I will go over how we will battle, tips, etc as well as our route to the end goal. Will it be our size that wins us this war? No. Sure we’ll have twice as many soldiers as them, but that’s not the point. We will win because we have a plan; we know what we are doing and we know how to fight. We will out-maneuver them, out-number them, out-bomb them, and overwhelm them with our might.

Some people think the WV are stronger than the NW. We will prove them wrong. Some people think the WV will beat us. We will prove them wrong. Soldiers of the Night Warriors, this week we will prove that WE are the most powerful army on earth, and we will do this by burning the WV capital to the ground.


Invasion Route

Tomorrow, the Night Warriors will kick off invasions and march onto Water Viking soil. You all know that. But the two servers we will start off with will be Alaska and Cabin. They are key servers that border Frostbite, our ultimate end goal. Just know that you will need to be on chat for orders during the battle. We have a full week of invasions and will top it off with a mass invasion of Frostbite on Saturday.


  • Constantly check the Night Warriors website for updates.
  • Follow orders on the NW Chat, and carry out those orders on Club Penguin.
  • Be in uniform, or wear as much black possible.
  • Stand shoulder to shoulder to appear as large as possible; don’t overlap!
  • And above all, have fun! You will want to enjoy a war as huge as this.

Recognize your Leaders!

These are the penguins we will be using. Spot a leader and listen to them when they shout commands such as “NW LINE UP!”

Important! Comment if you can come!

That is all. Attend our invasions and rank up! Might of the Night!


19 Responses

  1. WV will meet its demise. Let’s go, NW!

    • Understood!

  2. i can come

    • lol this was avalovespie_:)

      • grats on promotion


  4. Sup

  5. Depending on the time, I can come. NW let’s do this!

    • (It’s Flubbadubba, keep forgetting to change WordPress name.

  6. I will be ready. Plus, someone can get General rank like me, and I can be promoted to owner.

  7. I can come!

  8. the nw chat is FUN. and because of nw it intertains me! a lot

    • Glad to hear it!

  9. ”WV” gonna cry get it water out theyre eyes? HAAAHAAHHAHA no k bai


  11. […] have no more excuses now, WV. To all the Night Warriors who came, make sure you comment and read this post for our war plans against […]

  12. WV will be demolished ❤ NW FOREVER ❤

  13. I can come!
    NW never backs down!

  14. i can come, but i don’t know how to get a uniform

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