LOL WV? – Message to all of CPA

Disclaimer: This is a parody post, mocking the idiocy of this one.

Continue on at your own risk.

The Water Vikings think I’d apologize for doing.. nothing? They think they can force me to say sorry by multilogging invasions on our empire. Dude, it’s god damn Club Penguin. Last time I took this so seriously, I tarnished the DCP’S name and questioned their sole legitimacy. But I swear man, I don’t take this seriously enough to open up 30 tabs lmao.

They claim we multilog and bring up bullshit evidence. Yo bro, did you know ACP multilogged one penguin in 2007? Ya, did ya? They must be multilogging now then ahh! Chip, you’re the guy that spent over 500 hours trying to expose an army for cheating. I mean, get a life man.

Have fun multilogging your invasions. All servers remain in our empire – we don’t battle multi-loggers. It’s a game and a game is used to pass time and have fun. I do not see any fun through battling 5 people claiming to be 50.

Read more for the message to all armies

Message to all of CPA:

If you think Chip/Noob is some sort of saint, stop now. This guy is one you would call a “bluffing skid”. All he can do is multilog- he’s never led an army without cheating yet  He exposes other armies for it. In reality, he’s some 18 year old guy touching himself to his 30 CP accounts.

Keep trying, WV. You already showed the community your true faces. It’ll only be a matter of time until you guys ruin the entire army and stand out as fake, incapable leaders.

Screenshot at Feb 15 03-48-51

The image above shows three files on my desktop. These files took approximately 2 days to retrieve.



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