Warning: This post is for our enemies only. Don’t click read more!

Oh man, oh man. Not again. You want to ignore legitimate invasions from actual club penguin troops? Over 70% of those who filled a join app visited our chat. I’ve told quite a few of them to create xat accounts as well. NW is the only army pulling in recruits while all you guys can do is sit there on your xat chat and nag about how recruiting doesn’t work. It’s you who kills armies, recycling your friends list just so you can hold an event rather than attempting to recruit fresh blood into the community. Our troops have great potential with some reaching the title of moderator within days. I’ve taken pics of my entire screen various times, shown our join applications(which I have to maintain every day), and consistently chat with our soldiers. We’ve retained the same sizes whether Toy or I was gone. How about instead of talking smack, you act like a proper army and face your opposition. It makes you look pathetic, it really does. I don’t believe how multilogs could possibly maneuver consistently during wars. Hence why armies you’ve been in stay in one room doing tactics for the entirety of the event. NW always moves around executing perfect tactics. Wanna know why? Because staying in one room may be appealing for a bunch of multilogs, but it sure as hell isn’t for NW soldiers.  Attempting to avoid us only makes you look like cowards. At this point, I wouldn’t even consider you a real army.

You say its a game? How about you actually play the game and face the army who declared war on you. I’m starting to think armies for people like you is nothing but a way to make yourself relevant within this community. You obviously don’t care for battles, but something trivial, like the size of a chat, or being a leader of as many armies as possible.

Just try to avoid us. NW will not stop until you’re dead. We will do whatever it takes. Don’t mess with NW.


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