List of penguins at the invasion of Cabin

Not again.

Update: FINALLY FOUND THE PIC I TOOK OF ONE OF THE TABS. SCREW THE LIST. From now on, I will take pics of my entire desktop for each event and will require that owners and leaders do the same. Those who actually think I multilog are pathetic. I’ve been legitimate throughout my entire career as leader and would not tarnish that reputation carelessly. We’ve already proven that we do not multilog in various posts with solid evidence. 

I’m sad that what was an obvious troll turned into me making a long post since people actually believed that the pics I linked in chat were of me multilogging penguins. I opened club penguin tabs and took a pic for a satire post I was making during the event. I also took a pic of one of the other tabs which I am currently attempting to find within my files right now. Toy and I were on Skype and I got the okay from him to do it. We had perfect word tactics where each troop instantly executed it at the same time simultaneously, something that could not be done with a bunch of cp tabs up so we got excited to prove those who claim we multilog wrong.(refer that I was on my main penguin at all times)This is what prompted me to make the satire post in the first place. I decided to link them on Chaos chat as a joke before i finished the satire post since we were joking about Trader multilogging and even implied it was a joke right after with a ;). Big mistake. Sadly, the context was taken right out. It’s known in NW that I do not take pics for events. Why would I start now? How could we possibly max 50 with just 4 tabs that weren’t even logged in CP? LOL. Toy also took a picture of his whole screen. We came prepared. Here’s the proof.

List of penguins:

EmoniCP(owner), Kayleebug848(troop) Drake IW[main], Fearless Toy[toy], Agent Verum0[verum], Mcfr33z3r(mod), Bamraven(mod), Bobybob2964(mod),

 Satire Post that would’ve been made if not for the haters that jumped on NW in Chaos Chat


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