To WV, CPAC, the Community, and those representing armies

Who is Chip? A liar.

An extraordinary, special snowflake?

No. He’s a mudslime acting as if he’s Sherlock Holmes, but we all know he’s quite the joke when it comes to handling such a task.

Let’s take a quick peek at what this comedian has provided us with: (archived on the WV website)

Keep trying, NW. You already showed the community your true faces. It’ll only be a matter of time until you guys ruin the entire army and stand out as fake, incapable leaders.


The Night Warriors think I’d apologize for doing.. nothing? They think they can force me to say sorry by multilogging invasions on our empire.

Likewise. What have we done to receive such slander upon our Empire? We’ve provided evidence that we don’t multilog, but you’re still persistent on concluding the fact we’re coldblooded cheaters, who are seeking blood in order to bring warmth to our veins. However, I deem ourselves as quite the opposite. I also deem myself eligible, and see this opportune moment to reveal the real YOU, Chip. The only problem is that I don’t save every conversation I engage in on my computer.

Remember when you begged me for NW Leader? I never hesitated. I adamantly declined. I offered you a rank of second in command, and that was my final, to the edge offer. I could not be budged. After realizing that I could not come to a consensus after your nonstop, idiotic philosophizing on how you are superior to all others, I simply ignored you. This is what tickled one of your nerves, and as a result, you signed out of NW chat to never return. Bipolar? Nope, just mad that I can foresee all potential cancers that are going to spur in my army.

he’s some 18 year old guy touching himself to his 30 CP accounts.

I can provide you with nothing other than my words, and your viewpoint on my ethics. The age I currently am isn’t embarrassing to play Club Penguin at. You do not know me, and most likely, never will.

I’m not asking for an apology, Chip. I’m asking for your undying, respectable honesty.


Defacing NR Chat

“I have some CLEAR proof to prove that the CPAC reporter who claimed Wozza could have defaced the Night Rebels chat was biased.”

 Yeah, no. I see how the Water Viking play now. As I suspected, they are going to try and openly do as they please, and assume that we won’t archive their actions. Being too used to this, they were vehement the future result of their actions were not to be vague. I, however, being as intelligent as I am, spotted this plot before it brewed. Therefore, I was cautious – which caused me to take pictures of many things that seemed to be out of the norm.

… what am I trying to say? Look.


Wozza is not innocent.

Why did I claim I gained access to the chat due to my botnet? Because, it’s true; I do have many army leaders attached to me, controlled by me, and under my wing. I simply claimed this for none other reason than the Lulz, which these hardcore penguins seem to forget as time passes. The core idea of armies is to have as much fun as possible, to decimate all form of cancer in your path. Which I have undoubtedly accomplished, and will continue to display throughout my career.

Hey, even if NW multilogged a whopping two penguins during a few events, Hell, even through the entirety of our existence – that still leaves you with 58 penguins that are legitimate.


What’s the moral of the story here?

The Water Vikings army will continue to deceive their own people, and us as a whole. I do not want to, for the love of God, name myself the only one who foresaw this event as a whole. I do, however, understand the rapid expression of apathy towards our conflicts. And I want to repair those mindsets. We, as a community, need to understand the constant flinging hatred that sources from none other than the Water Vikings. I will not be stolen from. The status of NW, solely, and I, solely, and in our whole entirety will not be tarnished by a name so hated such as them. The amount of fury I feel, but am able to control is seriously excruciatingly exasperating. The amount of contradiction they bring, and the wild doctrine they spread. If one does not feel stolen from, angered, or the need to do something; they should not have the right to consider themselves a Night Warrior. They should not have the right to consider themselves as a piece to the puzzle in this community. I will not be plundered. My citizens will not be plundered. My followers will not be plundered. And by God, we will not be plundered.

Salute to the Reich.


Xxtoysoldier Portrait

Might of the Night

-Xxtoysoldier, Immortal NW Leader


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