WV’s True Face revealed

You can thank Chip and Funks, Wozza. WV would be better without them. Actually, WV would be better without a person who only cares about money too.

Did you think you could get away with it? After your stupid accusations against NW? Think again. Toy and I were laughing when you typed up posts in desperation to hide WV’s true side. “haha it was just a prank bro”



More like shifting attention away from WV’s lies by claiming we multilog. There’s only one person who would leak IPs from CPAC. A person who lies right in front of the community’s face. I was hit offline during yesterday’s event (Weak attempt, instantly got back on with my hotspot). Flen has also been DDOSed on multiple occasions. I think you owe Trader an apology.

WV who defended Wozza:



WV is now the scum of Club Penguin armies. You spam chats to attend your events and log off to avoid helping in return, you attempt to chat recruit from Chaos, you DDOS, deface, null, and multilog. And claimed DCP was worse… You’re no better than them. Do not flatter yourself. WV aren’t so clean themselves, eh?


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