NW HQ Security

: Official NW Surveillance :

In the case of an intruder, our HQ has some serious defences. First, they must pass the X-Ray examination. This checks for any miscellaneous or dangerous items that are not approved by the NW Regime. Next, they must perform a flipperprint test (fingerprint in the real world *pshh*) to ensure they are registered on the NW Flipperprint Database.

If they fail the examination, they will swiftly be destroyed by four laser beams. Unexpectedly, and simultaneously. We are currently working on placing a heart rate determiner, as conclusively the heart rate will begin racing if you are an intruder that intrudes our anti-intrusive intruding base.


If all else fails, Herbert and I will viciously claw (and stab) you till your demise.


Beware, enemies. We’ve paid over ten billion coins to fund this security project. Oh, and did I mention if you’re an official Night Warrior, you have access to the backstage. There’s free food. Free.

Xxtoysoldier Portrait

Might of the Night

-Immortal NW Leader, Xxtoysoldier


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