Bring it on #2 – RAID OF MAMMOTH [RESULTS]

Update: Chaos claims multiple leaders and owners were DDOSed. This is incorrect. Only Trader was seen going offline.

We logged on our forces to trample the server of the UMA Alliance, Mammoth. The primary force of the UMA alliance, Chaos, attempted to spearhead the defense by gathering their troops at the Stadium. We mobilized our troops faster and made a full frontal assault on the Chaos lines effectively taking over and making them our dogs. They then retreated to the Plaza where we finished off any remaining Chaos troops. They had 15 and lost most of their 15 when Trader mysteriously went offline. Coincidence? Great work Night Warriors. Never let anyone talk smack about us. We will annihilate all those who dare oppose us.

NW Forces: 40+ RF Forces: 16

[More Pics to be Added]

Comment if you came!


9 Responses

  1. I was there. FLEXES!

  2. Nice job folks! #MIGHTOFTHENIGHT

  3. Awesome work everyone, I was there!

  4. i came

  5. I was here

  6. Nice job, everyone!

    I came, I saw, I lived.

  7. CAME AF

  8. i came

  9. i was there

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