I Think Chaos Need To Learn Addition

Many people learn how to count when they’re 5, it seems the majority of Chaos’s leaders skipped Elementary school and didn’t learn how to count. Here are posts by Jester and the sizes he claimed and in the pictures I’ve counted up what Chaos really maxed.

Hello Troops,

Today we went guns blazing in the Redemption Force capital, stealing what they only had…Thermal. The Alliance maxed 60 about. Sadly theres always going to be some butthurt people that will always bot raid but it doesn’t matter they’re no match for the UMA Alliance.

Obviously there isn’t a big difference between 41 and 60 right?

Hey Chaos! Today we logged on Snow Board for a training session. We managed to get sizes of 60+ with a few lockouts. We maxed 60+ and averaged 55. Good job Chaos

Here Comes The Chaos

60? I count 19 here, but it’s only 19 and 60 penguins are obviously the same thing, right?

In basically every event Chaos have exaggerated by at least 25 sometimes 41 penguins. You paid $400 for CPPS sponsorship yet you still can’t get above 40.


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