Freedom, Pursuit, and our Respective Properties

Greetings, Comrades.

The Night has proven to be in much greater condition than the enemies and foes we face on what appears to be a daily basis. Never have I been more confident, nor passionate about our future, but I now am assuming the outcome to be practical. For what we do will lead to our inevitable success. And our nation, which remains held tight by the T.N.O regiment, is proving to be far superior to our adversaries. Albeit this is not news, let this pose as a reminder: we are only starting the engine. Our Empire will remain prominent for as long as we remain confident in those leading us to victory. Whether it be The Union, or simply Drake and I. Faith is, currently, your best friend in today’s conflicts.

There are worries that, although remain at a distance, I am able to visualize and hopefully neutralize. Our idea of being a pure army, that is sole to their commanders, is an idea that we have not forgotten, but have not pursued. And while that was idle, time continued to tick. For our accommodations are too friendly, which we are supposed to represent, however our beliefs simply don’t create a simple bond that can be understood. Because it’s true, it’s quite difficult to understand. We are able to modify these outcomes, and because I’ve made too many mistakes in the past, I refuse to cause another one that came to be from the exact thing.


These men fought for your FREEDOM!

Let’s cut straight to our problem. Every contributor to a problem causes this Night Warriors to deteriorate. And with these problems, respectively, we can render ourselves as weak, and appear to be so as well. Why support these problems rather than eradicate them? That is, my friends, exactly what I see. Us Night Warriors, us as a Nation cannot take a single blow, because those hits lead to more hits. And those hits lead to weakness. And those weaknesses suppress our strength, and amplify the danger which contains our fear. These traitors-in-disguise will be swiftly removed if determined to be so. They will be swiftly exiled if justified by the respected power. No more people who will upon our own estimates soon depart. No more people who we have seen make this mistake in the past. For those problems that cannot be dealt with by verbal usage, orders will be executed with mere violence.

No more sitting down while these predetermining traitors do nothing but infiltrate our nation, which penetrates our success. I won’t create the prelude to our demise, because I, as your leader, am charismatic and intellectual enough to devise a plan to avoid that very, solidifying ending.

For Xxtoysoldier we trust, for Drake we trust, for the Night Warriors we trust. 

Might of the Night

Xxtoysoldier Portrait

-Xxtoysoldier, Immortal NW Leader, Commander of the Wehrmacht


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