Continue Towards Everlasting Glory

Once a warrior, always a warrior. Make this our year, Night Warriors. When Toy and I go all the way, nothing can stop us. Your commanders will lead you to victory after victory. Do your one duty and fight alongside us. Overcoming hardships is just one of our various specialties. But leaders will carry you after every fall. Any defeat is temporary. Forgot to ask for ketchup with those fries? Temporary. But seriously Mcdonalds, step up your game.

I am currently in the hospital going through treatment. Keep the site active and updated for when I return. Progress can be temporarily halted, but what makes us the more professional army can never be stopped by mere mortals.

Come to the battles you can come to and constantly check the website so you are prepared. Loyal Night Warriors will be promoted and make history. Either way, we will rise full throttle once our dynamic duo is united once again. 😉

I admire those who never give up. if you are one of those people, seek out the Night Warriors and you will recieve a helping hand regardless of our past.

Our enemies will be crushed, our conquest will emerge victorious. Do the empire proud and march on. Advance! And as we charge forward into battle, look our enemies dead in the eye. Give them a final battle cry before they fall to our hellfire.

Might of the Night!

-Drake, NW Leader







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