the epic reveal of xxtoysoldier xd

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I-is this r-real life?

The Glorious Night Reich hereby declare war upon the Light Turds.

These yella’ cowards have terrorized armies with their stupid alliance for the past two months. However, their alliance disbanded in fear as the Night Reich was reborn. The Light Goys then decided to COPY the Night Reich. Waterboy202 is being more edgier than usual and is acting like Hitler and copies NW pages, posts, membership codes, recruiting lines, EVERYTHING.

This kid actually thinks he’s me…

We will invade Fog as retaliation this Sunday. I expect massive sizes. I want the battle of Fog to be like a tournament – a judge announcing the room and we both charge at the same time. With our superior sizes we will easily crush the enemy. Watergoy, if you think you’re worthy to copy my leadership style then you are very delusional. 

The Light Troops Declared War on NW

In Regards to The Light Troop’s declaration of war.

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I told you so

WV are, essentially, the Jews of the communitu. They will use whatever they can, and don’t even hesitate to not give back.


We are the saviours, resistance, and perpetrators. We don’t stand for these type of acts in our community.

NW won’t do anything? Thanks, you’ve given me the motivation to go ten times harder.



I’m quite impressed with the resilience of our troops today. No matter how many lockouts, or cheap tactics they tried, we still pushed through and dominated. We started out in the Town and quickly outnumbered AR, Nachos, and WV/LT helpers. They ran to Ice Berg where we chased and decimated them. They then ran to pool where they had troops waiting, yet we still overpowered them even with half our forces locked out. Defeating them at pool, they ran to the mineshack where we finished them off. Great work, NW. We certainly proved who the real contenders are of the tournament. We will show up again Saturday and show the world what we’re made of. Be there this Saturday for the tournament finals.

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In AR? Join NW!

Comment if you came!

Ausia Event

Training Session

March, 31

The Server is Fog

Times :  4:00 PM IST  / 6:30 PM AWST / 8:30 PM AEST / 10:30 AM GMT / 5:30 AM EST

Remember To Attend the event!


Andy NW Ausia Leader

Attend the battle Tomorrow


It’s time we show which army is actually the dominant one. Tomorrow or Wednesday, we will be having a practice battle against one of the armies we are facing in the final round of the tournament. Come to this battle against the AR and win it to prove our might. I want every Night Warrior to show up early and show them what we’re made of. Let’s do this, NW.

 photo DWcustom_zpsa6ce4592.png

-Drake, NW Leader