Introduction of Konrad

Hello Everyone! As you may have already heard, Redemption Force has merged into the Night Warriors. With the merge, NW gained two leaders which were Reacon and I. I have great experience in leading major armies such as getting BMA to 45+ and getting SWAT to max 40+ (before they multilogged). I also lead RF to 2nd in CPAC and I also was a long time owner/leader in the Light Troops. I was in NW back in 2013 when Roberto was leading and ever since the day I joined, I’ve always wanted to lead NW and now I have that chance. I am very honored to be in this great army, let alone lead it. I hope as leader I can help NW become the greatest army in the community and meet some great people. Thank you for allowing me to lead this legendary army and I hope I won’t let any of you down.

We Are The Might Of The Night


 photo 502mg5_zps5104a307.png


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  1. You didnt get SWAT to max 40+, please stfu kid you left for LT every time I rejoined the leadership lol pls

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