Hours Away From the Tournament Battle vs Nachos(INSPIRATIONAL SPEECH)

 nwlolImage result for night warriors of cp

After a much needed break, we are officially back on track. We, the Night Warriors, are now an invincible train steamrolling past our doubters and our enemies. We leave them in our dust. Those we have conquered sit there dumbfounded, as their dreams of taking our nation shatter into pathetic little pieces. They contemplate their decision and thought to ever dare face our warriors in the battlefield. And yet, we have continued. All the way towards certain glory. Some have abandoned our train as the rails were tampered and switched by our envious haters. But real Warriors have stood by me steering the train we call our precious dream, the basis of our existence, towards the correct path time and time again. And for that, I commend you. I commend all of our loyal Night Warriors who have stayed and fought as we held our lines against an enemy who quickly grew in numbers. You are the fire that fuels our growing army. It is you, the soldier, who faithfully follow our commanders into the heat of the battle no matter how intense the situation may be. I am a proud leader who could not have asked for a better platoon of war hardened troops to battle the enemy alongside me. You have been made into deadly war machines of destruction

Our dream is to make this year, 2016, the year of the Night Warriors. Our first step in doing so is the battle that is hours away from happening. Together, we must secure our first tournament win as an army. We have already fought our way to the elite eight. We can not falter now. The Nachos are a highly underestimated army who have proven to be tournament tested. They make for a formidable opponent in this tournament. But we did not enter this tournament with the mindset of giving up nor to be satisfied with a 2nd place finish. The Commanders including myself have trained you to be the most elite warriors of club penguin. We have surpassed their troops in tactical performance as shown this week. And now, we put our training to the test against tournament veterans. The time to battle gets closer as I continue writing this post

Our Night Warriors vs the Nachos troops. A step towards army domination. A step towards achieving our long deserved dream. And ultimately, the step forward. It all depends on you. A military leader is nothing without his foundation. Equip your armaments. March alongside your comrades. Show up to headquarters (our chat) early. With the might of the night, I believe my administration will crush the administration of the Nachos.

It’s Crunch Time.

-Drake, NW Leader


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