Response to Kevin’s Emo Rage

Nobody wants to or will respect your opinion on your loss.


When you try so valiantly to claim you were jewed out by CPAC but still vehemently claim victory, you show nothing but signs of grief. It’s clear you’re grieving this loss, but if you were seriously so pissed, why wouldn’t you stand for just that? You lost. You can blame CPAC, you can blame NW for obliterating your forces, or you can blame your soldiers for not recruiting enough – but whatever you say cannot alter the outcome of that battle.

No essay of yours will change my mind, but hopefully this short statement will change yours:

Your image and display is unprecedented in a leadership. Start standing up for what you believe in, and if you want something done it’s up to you to get that done. “To all you other armies out there, I suggest you boycott this bullshit or do something about it.” Nah. Nobody here is your personal army… we all fight for our own causes.

power league


The Power League is simply a collection of powerful armies that wish to dominate CP armies – we have each other’s back and won’t stand for any corruption or Jewry that takes place in armies. We aren’t hypocrites, however, and would never stoop to such a level.

If you continue spewing false information, we will be forced to take action.



signed xxtoysoldier




3 Responses

  1. Great Article Bro

  2. Eyyyy we both have something in common: We don’t give a f*ck about Nachos! ^-^

  3. yeah, i agree nachos is plain bullshit. i hate showing off faggots who like to claim victory

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