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I didn’t wanna do it, gave me every reason ~ Drake, Back To Back

Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that Chip “suddenly unretired” as soon a Change and Kingfunks came back? The kid knew he was useless on his own so he to piggyback off the success of other leaders, well I don’t know if you can really call Fever20 aka Funks as successful.

Water Viking’s intelligence has proven that there is a possible war threat upon our great empire.

Well your intelligence is a bit slow because even an autistic 6 year old could realize that the threat is that Night Warriors are going to steamroll you.

However it’s not entirely a lethal threat due to my most recent exposure which could result into a possible boycott, since the Water Viking army does not condone anything that aligns with the term of cheating.

Maybe you should boycott your own army kid, you’ve been hardcore multilogging for 3 years then you boycott Night Warriors and we are not even multilogging. I love how you think you’ve got the power to say “an army doesn’t exist”. Frankly, I would say “Water Vikings doesn’t exist and Night Warriors own their nation” because there is enough proof to back me up in saying them. I swear you’re the biggest pussies I’ve ever seen in armies. Flipmoo used to hide behind treaties, but man you’ve taken it to the next level.

Your threats are non existent kid, you threaten The Reich and then say you’re going to “ignore” us? You need Light Troops and Nachos to back you up. You were licking NW’s hole before LT came along. Any other army in your “alliance” would face NW 1 on 1 because I know for a fact that Nachos and Light Troops are not pussies. Instead of writing essays on how you’ve exposed us, how about you declare war? Maybe you should stick to dating men you thought were girls. I’m waiting for you to appear on that show Catfish.



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