An Open Letter To The Water Vikings

It seems that time again for me to write once again a post to explain my dear Night Warriors to those who seem intent on destroying our reputation. I will say it clearly and plainly for all the people to hear.

We. Do. Not. Multi-Log. 

Boom, done, that’s it. I don’t need to defend this statement or flame other armies who try to prove me wrong because at the end of the day, I know the Night Warriors do not multi-log. I’ve made great strides to push any dishonestly out of this army and I will continue to do so. Now perhaps some random guy in the Night Warriors multi-logs, I can’t be accountable for all the members of this army, but I can say that if I find out a member of this army multi-logs then that person will cease to be a member of this army. Now, while I say that I cannot be responsible for all of the members of the Night Warriors, that does not apply to this army’s leadership. I can say without a doubt in my mind that Reacon does not multi-log, Konrad does not multi-log, Verum does not multi-log, Drake does not multi-log, and Toy no longer multi-logs those two penguins that he had before he was a leader of the Night Warriors.

“But what about you, Zelecon, I bet you multi-log you lying f*cker”.

Yeah, no, I do not multi-log either. I’ve tried my damned well best to give the Night Warriors a good reputation throughout the Club Penguin Army Community and I’ve built a reputation of honesty among myself, I think. To call me a liar or biased is to call yourself stupid or uninformed. Before I’m called a liar by anybody who might read this post, look through my history in Club Penguin armies. Throughout my history I have made a reputation of honesty for myself, and it’s pretty easy to do. Just don’t lie. When I say something, I mean what I say and so I will reiterate,

Neither myself or any of the Night Warriors leadership multi-logs, that is the truth and end of story.

-Zelecon/One4444, Night Warriors Co-Leader



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