Victory Week

Today is the most important week in Night Warriors history. We have the March Madness Final on Saturday and we’ve got numerous other events during this week. This great army was founded in 2009 was Cowboyfans, he was the creator of Night Warriors. Then came along Vendetta and Tomb in 2010 and in 2016, Drake, Toy and I have brought this army to the top once more. If you went onto CPAC chat last year and asked anyone about Night Warriors they would probably reply talking about how they dethroned the Army of Club Penguin. Now if you asked anyone about Night Warriors they would reply talking about the current leadership. Night Warriors have done more for this community than any other army in the Top Ten right now. We recruited a whole new generation of recruits, moderators and owners. I would love to see any other army that has done all this in the space of a month. I don’t care if Chip and Water Vikings say we multilog because I know that our troops know we are more legitimate than any other army on the Top Ten. We’ve made it into the March Madness final against Nachos and Army Republic. People always give out against the us vs them mentality that many great armies have had. People are jealous of us and can’t accept we are bigger. Today I witnessed RPF troops coming onto chat and accusing us of multilogging because they’ve never seen RPF get more than 20 on chat. The reason the community is dying is because they’re scared of change and because they’re veterans, they don’t work hard. We can talk about the rise of UMA and other armies similar to them, but all they’ve done is paid hundreds in sponsorship for what? They all have a lust for sizes and will do anything to fill their ego. I’d rather lead an army of 30 people with 25 recruits, than an army of 50 with 45 seventeen year olds. Together we will defeat every army that threatens the Night Warriors Empire and win every tournament. We will reign supreme and have fun while doing it. The majority of this community knows Night Warriors represent change and that really scares them. When they see an army flourishing full of people who have only joined armies in the past month, it scares them. We must win this tournament at all costs and nothing will stand in the way of victory.


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