First on Google + Announcement

NW, Night Warriors of CP, etc, are now all first on the google search results. 🙂 We will now double our recruiting efforts and rise to take the year. Our allies in RPF and ACP will also be given tools to establish our dominance. We are the long lasting armies that live past a few weeks. Our enemies will fall. All soldiers of NW are needed to attend our battles this week.

I am abolishing all this “hitler/reich” roleplay that’s been going on. It was funny until a noob named Waterkid decided to start copying NW. He can go roleplay shooting himself in a bunker if he wishes to. NW is moving on.

My comment on CPAC addressing the issues with the March Madness tournament remains pending. I’d like for CPAC to acknowledge it or tournaments will no longer matter to us. Play by the rules.

We are the Might of the Night. Enemies beware.

-Drake, Night Commander


One Response

  1. technically, NW are copying LT.

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