NW Declares War Against Nachos


The Night Warriors are now in an official state of war against the Nachos.

Water stepped up as the bigger man and apologizes for his initial claims against NW. Funks of Water Vikings has conceded that his claims against NW were invalid. Yet there is still the stench of scum within this community.

You can not hide anymore, Nachos. Our generosity has been taken advantage of the moment you couldn’t take a fair loss at March Madness. Our win we earned transformed into “redemption rounds” “redos redos redos” “new judges”. Going even as far as to commit foul play to earn a trophy that is meaningless for your “army.” You proceeded to gloat underneath the covers of allies. And now NW is bringing you out right into the open. What good did that cheated trophy ever do for you? Look at yourselves now.

Your reigning March Madness Champions, everyone.

The Nachos would have been long dead if my administration in the RPF stayed long enough to finish you off. Your only claims to fame is a war that was won against an army in internal strife, and a tournament that you knowingly cheated from us. NW no longer recognizes Nachos as an army, but an inconvenient pest that needs to be exterminated before moving on. Since when is a unit of 5 labeled as an army? The current Nachos are nothing but crumbs of their former selves in 2012. They barely have any troops of their own and beg from others to attend their events. One of their troops even bragged about hiding behind LT. That’s nothing to brag about kid. Just plain sad that you admit you can’t defend yourselves. I’ve seen your desperate attempts to help LT in their invasions and now that they crumble before your eyes, I see it fit to sweep the rest of the crumbs.

We begin by taking your nation tomorrow. Any invasions of the Nachos with less than 15 penguins will be laughed at and ignored. This is your chance to prove that you’re an army. If you fail to do this, then it’s clear that you should just remain dead. We are in talks with AR and WV but cry for help all you want. We’re here to prove a point, aren’t we?


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  2. gg nachos


  3. […] NW Declares War Against Nachos April 5, 2016 […]

  4. “The Nachos would have been long dead if my administration in the RPF stayed long enough to finish you off”. Right.. you know we are the only army that has never shut down or got into lock down since the CPA creation year right? We didn’t even ask for a RR btw.

    • You posted several posts complaining about the loss.

      • Tell me ONE and I will give you a gift.

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