NW Patrol Eats some Nachos

A patrol of NW led by 2ics BMX and Bamraven ate some nachos today. We’re not afraid of logging on no matter what time it is. There weren’t enough to go around by the time it hit :30 however and all the nachos were wiped out in the end. Nice win, NW. Outstanding job by BMX and Bamraven for taking charge. They were the only owners on.

A “wider variety of tactics” is one way to label your loss. Cringe.


9 Responses

  1. I was there!

  2. well done!!

  3. Well done, I see me xD

  4. Well done, I see me.

  5. I need a code bro plz

  6. I need a membership code for 6 months plz

  7. […] Source: NW Patrol Eats some Nachos […]

  8. Invalid battle.

  9. I was there And y were they shouting out my name?

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