Bam’s Career

Hello my name is Bamraven, you probably know me as your NW 2ic, well I am here to tell you my journey of joining NW (Toy gave me to right to make this post)  I  never joined from CP, I joined from my cousin asking me to join. I never asked how to do stuff that much I was the type of person that reads how to on the NW website. As I joined I raised up to high promotions. became troop of the month February my supporting troops Jt, Emoni,Elena the NW leaders.I got mod in a week I have thought I could be invincible
and none shall take my spot I tried hard I became owner weeks later I have became 2ic. Road to Leader now you’re probably thinking ‘OMG IS BAM GOING TO BE IN THE LEGENDS PAGE CAUSE HE MADE THIS POST’. Nah, I maybe never be a legend. We never know but I know one day I’ll get the gold just watch NW, just watch 🙂 (this post is not meant to gloat of any sort)




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  1. 😀

  2. pffft noob

  3. 😀


  5. *claps*

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