R.I.P Nachos

Nachos, I found the flaw in your master plan.

A Transcript of the peace treaty that Dan signed:

The Nachos give the NW Every district 2 server they own (as of 4/9/16) with the exception of Aurora. This treaty initiates a ceasefire between the two until 5/9/16 [Changed to 6/9/16 at Dan’s request]. No army in this treaty may deliberately participate in war events such as invasions or defenses against the other, even if it is another army perpetrating the attacks.

“Even if it is another army perpetrating the attacks.”

I think we can all agree that the Nachos SS invaded every single one of these servers with the full intentions of granting them back to the Nachos, therefore the Nachos SS were perpetrating attacks that the Nachos could not engage in themselves. The Nachos SS were attacking for the Nachos and that was expressly prohibited in the treaty. Don’t try to deny it, don’t try to lie or wiggle your way out of this. The Nachos SS was created as an independent army for the express purpose of invading all of the Nachos servers, Batman even said that was the ultimate plan. Even if the treaty didn’t say, “The Nachos cannot become two separate armies and invade their old servers,” the treaty did say that no other army may invade for the Nachos, which the Nachos SS did. In another words, by having another army perpetrate the attacks [The Nachos SS] you broke the peace treaty.

TL;DR – “Kiss my ass, pricks.”


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  1. Nono because ss was completely independent none of this was good towards ss

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