RIP Armies *My Official Scripts*

I tried selling this script but no one was stupid enough to buy it so I might as well give it out publicly. These are the officials scripts I’ve used to lead the Night Warriors to first during these past few weeks. They contain a fast working CP account generator and my exclusive auto typer that enables you to put bots on around 20 servers of your choice (you’ll need the IP of the server to place them). This also contains all of the 6 month membership codes we have generated. There’s around 200 codes in a text file, so use them while you can.

Why am I releasing my script? The only people who have it are me, Xxtoysoldier & Drake. Knowing Drake, he’ll probably leak it off anyway, so I might as well just give it out. I don’t have any plans on leading NW in the summer either (unless I’m paid of course). CP has always censored a majority of army names and bot recruiting is basically pointless now (regardless, NW is still #1) but for those who think bot recruiting don’t work – just try.


Here’s some pictures of the script.

❗ Click here to download ❗

NOTE: Neither me or Toy will help you if you have any problems with the scripts. You need to download Python 2.7 and Beautifulsoup. If you’re still stuck go ask someone for help, just not us (unless you pay).


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