Recruiting Success

We held another event in which we recruited many new soldiers. We’re ready for anything, enemies beware.


Comment if you came!


10 Responses

  1. I came

  2. might of the night

  3. i came, im charcoal me

  4. That was great guys! i came like 4 minutes late but was still there for all the action. I’ll be there tomorrow!

  5. I came :p I’m teststarter4. I kinda came a few min. late (6 minutes late) but I still attended. *wary*

  6. Good job Night Warriors! That was really fun!
    Taco cat spelled backwards still is taco cat…
    -Captain BbJoeBC

  7. i came!

  8. I was there! GJ EVERYONE

  9. I came, had to go off for breakfast right after the event so I’m commenting now. MIGHT OF THE NIGHT!

  10. hehehe
    the EK is still cool

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