Proof of AR faking accusations

AR tried to blame their horrific defense of their capital today on DDOS attacks. This of course is hilarious because why would NW ever need to resort to cowardly tactics to win against an army of 10? You truly are pathetic, AR. Luckily, we had someone on the inside calling you guys out. Stop giving excuses when you already know that you never could’ve won against us in the first place. You even tried to use the old multilogging excuse that the community knows and hates.(omg they have more than 30, they are multiloggin!!!) You tried to lie about our counts on cp and chat before dawix corrected you. You copy, you blame, you leech. You disgust me, AR.

We know that skid Yank has a booter. He probably used it against Ace to come up with an excuse for their pitiful size today. Thanks for the capital, AR. Toboggan is ours.

First, Ace notices that his army is lacking very much in size.

I then see AR troops coming on NW chat attempting to accuse us of hacking. But this is the excuse you give to your troops? Please.

Kid, you’re the one asking me what our lines were. (I make them) You’ve been asking us how things are done ever since I offered you a tool to recruit. Believe me, this is a duo for a reason and I’ve solo led DW to prove your ignorant statement false. Sad that you actually have to claim to be ddosed instead of taking your loss normally since you would’ve lost anyways. Don’t ever try to discredit me when moments ago you were kissing my feet asking for advice.

AR’s chat size after the battle. No wonder.


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