Breaching Oyster [RESULTS]

We struck once again, another blow to the Ghosts. We deployed our forces to Oyster with not even a single line of defense to face. 3 invasions where they did not attend, how pitiful. I thought AR would be an honorable army like the Nachos who attended every invasion but I guess in the end, they’re nothing but cowards and copycats. We, the Night Warriors, have proven to be the most elite. Our supplies are growing and so is our army. Let’s continue to expand our empire this week by taking over AR’s empire and adding it on to our vast nation. Might of the Night, soldiers!


6 Responses

  1. I came

  2. Came~!

  3. I was there!
    It was great, especially the tactics.

  4. I was there! GJ NW! AR was so scared

  5. I was there. GJ NW! Might of the Night!

  6. vile server, i cleaned what i could, but the damage has been done, AR will forever leave its mark on this server, sadly

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