The NW race team

Some of you may have heard of or even seen the NASCAR stop motion race series that are on these days. With these series many tween and teens follow with heavy interest. But what if, one major cp army race team rose up, and gave all these people a great place to be?

That is where the NW race team comes in. We are having a warmup season in a new series, and with a few good races, we can move up to the bigger series and get dozens of recruits.

We already have 4 drivers in the following series featured in this video.

We have the following 4 cars.

Sports: 99 Subway car

Tucker: 14 Bass Pro Shops car

Charcoac: 4 Jimmey John’s car

Zambi: 41 Haas Inc car

The NW race team still can include you! Pc Sports about a possible 5th car that you can have!



One Response

  1. I have no idea what this is, but it looks fun! What does it take to join?
    Though if I do join, I won’t leave my real name on the internet, for security reasons
    Taco cat spelled backwards is still taco cat!

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