While NW has been doing very much hard work, AR has simply been doing one invasion every other day. I saw this flaw in their plan, so I devised one where we would simply steamroll through their server list. Today, at 5:30 PM PST, we finished off the entirety of their nation (including everything they invaded from us). They were stripped clean.

AR is no longer an army. They are dead. You have lost the war. You can either quit armies or join NW; the people that destroyed your legacy and wiped you off the face of the planet.

The superior force has been proven, we told you from the start that this entire thing would end before you knew it began. We just happen to have the best people in armies in our roster, and the sad fact is that NW actually makes everyone do something with what they’re uniquely able to do. AR failed because they lost all motivation, lacked the proper morale, honor, and pride in themselves. Nobody should ever take pride in being a Ghost, they were aware they would lose from the beginning.

Fantastic job to every single Night Warrior! Despite the current conditions that Club Penguin has put against recruiting, we still manage to recruit a very satisfying amount of people on a daily basis. I do not want to see these numbers deteriorate, we are flourishing right now with the dealt conditions and we must continue to do so.

AR: If you want to make a deal regarding your nation, PC me. I’m not promising anything.


Here’s a list of the servers we won in the war:

Toboggan (Primary Concentration Camp)

Berg (Secondary Concentration Camp)





Rocky War





Clearly, we’ve some epic war loot. Congratulations to every single Night Warrior; this is ours to keep. Great job.



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