Practice for series invovles wreck including several NW drivers

During today’s practice, the 88 car was leading a pack when it was hit from behind from the 24. The 88 proceeded to slip towards the outside, collecting the 41 of Zambi who was leading the top line. The pack started wrecking each other,  and very few cars made it past with little or no damage. The 10 car even flipped.

Damage report:

Sports in the 99 car: Not on track during accident.

Tucker in the 14 car: Was one of the few cars in the pack that did not take any damage.

Charcoac in the 4  car: Was in pack. Came out of wreck with no damage and in the lead.

Zambi in the 41 car: Was spun out.  Little body damage, tires used up completely.

I think we did pretty good in this race situation. Sure the 41 got wrecked, but not much damage was sustained.

Here is the video:


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