Continued sucess on the top 10 shown here

We have proven that we have been the best army of the year so far. Let’s just look at every CPAC top 10 NW has been in since it’s reopening in late January of this year

1/31/2016: 5th place despite only two events

2/7/2016: 1st in only it’s second week after returning

2/14/2016: First yet again

2/21/2016: First for 3 straight weeks (Note: CPAC listed NW as 7th with a 20 pint deduction which not added would have put NW in first. Evidence was shared but could not be used properly due to extreme bias.)

2/28/2016: 3rd place behind UMA and ACP

3/06/2016: 3rd again behind same two armies

3/13/2016: This time 2nd only behind UMA

3/20/2016: 2nd place again behind UMA

3/27/2016: NW returns to 1st place

4/3/2016: NW falls to second behind LT

4/10/2016: NW stays in second behind LT

4/17/2016: NW stays in second behind LT. What else is new?

4/24/2016: NW passes LT for first place

5/1/2016: NW stays in first

5/8/2016: NW takes first yet again

5/15/2016 (This week): NW holds first down for the 4th straight week.

So here is how it is. In the 16 top 10’s since NW has returned, NW has been first 8 times. NW also had only been out of the top 3 once, the first week. NW currently has held on to the top spot for 4 straight weeks. Plus the two armies that have placed ahead of NW keeping them in second, UMA and LT, are now out of commission currently. Maybe some little curse there huh? NW’s average finish in the top 10 has been 1.8125.

I will also post the wars NW has been in since the return of said army showing how it has been the best army all year. Might of the night folks!



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  1. NW is 6ix god lets not end this first streak NW are g0ds

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