There’s a person somewhere that hate NW that hates ACP or is just mad because NW continues to be one of the best. (2nd on CPAC)Screenshot_6


In both pics, you can see bots. The bots are the generic named penguins you can say. You might say it’s an army we have had war with and we have beat not saying any names.

We understand you may be jealous about how good we are but still. This is CPA not mess up other armies for what they have done (MUOAFWTHD). There were thoughts of it being a army we once had wars with but after talking with a leader of a army turns out it wasn’t him or her. If you think this is funny its not. We are all trying to have fun even though it may seem we may take it seriously sometimes. CPA is supposed to be based on CP not hacking or botting. Now yes NW has probably done this before but from how much I know we haven’t continued doing it over and over again. I just needed to get this out.



2 Responses

  1. This is all true and this should be stopped

  2. James Bowser here!
    I WAS THEREEEE We had to keep on mvoing to different places like bmxs igloo it was cray cray

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