I’m Done

Drake Edit: Hey Verum, no idea what you’re talking about. Taco was the one who told me that you went inactive and was busy chatting on ACP chat while you had your break. I simply pointed it out. When did I ever tell you to put CP over family? I go AFK on chat and you type up a rage post. No need to be defensive about it. You can take all the breaks you want for all I care. We’re coming back in the Summer either way. I suggest you go talk to Taco and ask him why he’s talking behind everyone’s back.

Drake, you want be insecure about my family life. I’m not putting club penguin over my personal life, a lot of stuff has happened i needed a bit of a break. The reason I’m on a good bit is to try and distract me from what’s happening, Drmatt did the same. If you want me to put Night Warriors over my personal well being them I’m done. Taco understood and tried to make me feel better while all you care about is this army lol.

I’m done.

P.S: Even though I’m pissed at Drake, I can still admit Night Warriors never multilogged and we were 100% legit.

Note: I’ve taken the hint and removed myself from the Hall of Fame.

Edit: everything has been cleared up. Taco is a backtalking scumbag.


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