Editorial: Accusations With No Basis

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Klondike, CP Army Central Headquarters – Widespread multilogging in the community has made many of us believe that bringing an army to success legitimately is now impossible. This has made accusations of multilogging a recurring phenomenon.

The following post is my own opinion. All the research, interviews, and history is a result of my own conduct. The views that are shared in this post do not reflect CPAC’s or any other organization affiliated with CPAC.

During the summer of 2015, this community was introduced to many new ideas and methods of attaining higher sizes and better tactics. Waterkid introduced widespread bot recruiting into the community and it replaced the popular recruiting method known as autotyping that was introduced by Elmikey in 2013. The constant recruiting causes various phrases to be blocked on Club Penguin including “Club Penguin Doritos”, “Army of Club Penguin”, “Warriors” and “Troops” to be blocked. Club Penguin then removed their restriction on logging onto to Penguins with multiple tabs on the same browser. This caused many leaders to manipulate this to increase their sizes at events.

The first known army to do this war Doritos during their conflict with Water Vikings. This was the beginning of leaders accusing each other of multilogging. WV and DCP went back and forth with accusations and evidence against each other. Notable protagonists in this were Mustapha10, Lord West and Chip. This led to distrust of different army leaders and left the majority of legendary armies with multilogging allegations. Dark Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, Water Vikings, SWAT, Doritos, Night Warriors, Nachos and various other armies were implicated in multilogging scandals. This led to a distrust within this community.

The majority of people think it is impossible to reach sizes over thirty without some form of cheating. If an army is maxing over this amount then allegations begin to be made against the leaders. These allegations can be as weak as the amount of stamps that a certain player has. Wars are now generally fought with armies accusing each other of multilogging and foul play including hacking and distributed denial of service attacks. Armies have began to ignore each others invasions because the defending army sees the invaders as “illegitimate”. The most recent case of this was when Water Vikings and Night Warriors went to war. Water Vikings ignored Night Warriors’ invasions because they claimed the latter multilogged and were cheating.

The constant claims and allegations have also contributed to multilogging. Many recruits and people in this community looked up to people like Mustapha10 and now that their idols are being implicated in multilogging scandals they think that it is impossible to be successful without cheating. This has caused people to think that since “everyone else multilogs, that it’s okay if I do it”. People have given up on recruiting and if there is an army succeeding legitimately then they’re “obviously cheating”.

People used to look up to CP Army Central to decide if it’s an army was multilogging and before that the Club Penguin Army Council to give rulings on these matters. There is no authority left in the community, so people have given themselves the authority to ignore invasions as illegal and invalid. People are now hijacking the mistrust in this community and using it to their own advantage. Leaders are manipulating it as a way to win an invasion, or get out of a war.

What I find annoying about this, is the hypocrisy in armies declaring other armies invalid and ignoring them. Many of these armies are engaging in active multilogging, or have been implicated in scandals before. These accusations are giving them a false sense of morality and that they’re multilogging because everyone else is. We can see this in cycling as well. Lance Armstrong who was a professional cyclist was caught doping along with all of his team mates. In athletics, there has been accusations of world record holders engaged in doping and this is giving athletes the same sense of morality that the leaders in this community that engage in cheating have.

When there is clear cases of multilogging, people tend to ignore it unless it affects their army, or themselves. These people who act like detectives and think they’re exposing armies, but in reality they’re just making false accusations are killing morale in Club Penguin Armies. Recruits that join read CP Army Central and think that being successful is a thing of the past, that only legends like Mchappy and Boomer who they revere like Gods can reach sizes past 40. That in order for their army to be relevant they need to follow the crowd and cheat.

Apart from the accusations of multilogging, we’re also blaming this community’s sudden demise on recruiting. If you go onto any chat you’ll normally find a 18-year-old army veteran talking about how autotyping is killing us. People are acting like this is the End of Days and we will die out. The real reason for our demise is the lack of integrity that this community holds. We will multilog and hack teenagers just to give us an ego boost. We blame armies dying on bot recruiting, but we are the people who are engaging in it. We cry about how armies are dying, yet we are the ones to blame.

Veterans come onto chats and blame us, but if the veterans cared about the community, then they would try to fix it instead of just making rants that won’t inspire change at all. We are like jealous girlfriends who accuse our boyfriends of cheating on us when they’re not. We need to trust each other and believe that we can bring us back into a golden age of armies. Instead of blaming and making false accusations, we should work harder to make this community better.

What do YOU think? Do you think we need to stop making false allegations? Do you disagree with this post? Comment YOUR Opinion Below!


CP Army Central Chief Executive Officer


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