Event on Fog

The event was held at the Town and Iceberg. New recruits did a good job. Maxed 11


Fog Training

We held a Training at our capital so new troops can understand how our tactics and formations work.

Recruiting Opportunities

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Invited to Ryan’s B-day North Pole Frenzy

Hi NW,

Earlier today I was informed that NW has been invited to Ryan’s 5th birthday party on the server North Pole.

But really NR has invited NW to the North Pole Frenzy which is going to be an old school battle. More info will be released soon.

Click HERE to see the invitation from NR.



Recruiting Event in Iceberg

NW had an amazing Recruiting Event in Iceberg today where we maxed 24 and averaged 21. Fantastic work NW, keep it up for future events! #MightOfTheNight

Ausia Training Event in Fog & Cabin

NW had an Ausia Event today in Fog, where we maxed 6 and averaged 5. Although Doctor14 tried to ruin our Ausia Event, he failed as NW outsmarted him by switching servers to the Cabin Server. This event was a success and everyone was coordinated. Good job, NW!

In Fog:

Doctor14 exposed:

In Cabin:


PB with ACP

ACP started out very strong but our NW troops gave them a good fight back and we tied. Maxed 15 averaged 12