Message to NR

Fix your empire’s list immediately. You’re only displaying your incompetence and lethargy by refusing to update pages that are obviously going to be viewed by armies often.

Use this as a reference:

(see section 1)
Let’s just say that NR’s real nation is very, very small, and claim a large portion of our territory. Why should IW have to hesitate before invading you because of your shitty organization skills? Is this what the “top army of the week” has in regards to influence to the community?

See you soon.



5 Responses

  1. Is there anything wrong with the NR empire page? No. Your post clearly says that you want us, the NR, to fix the empire page because we clearly owned the Fog server, and every other servers that we own from another army. You should know that its called sharing when it comes a friendly army that you want to share the servers with us. But now you’re against the NR. So, don’t act like you own these servers that you were being shared from NR, and it’s a large portion of your territory. This is at your own risk, or lose one. Your post does not matter to us, and this post you made = 100 lies clearly.

    • First off, NR claims Fog and Frosty before NW was returned. You asked us about these 2 servers that are being shared, a while back. That time when you really want NW to come back with the same server, otherwise you won’t be having one and you will be finding one in a hard way, so stop lying.

    • Second, lm using my phone so l don’t think it matters to me a lot when typing, no big deal. You never own Fog or Frosty at all, period. You knew what happen and you know the agreement. You told me to share the server of Fog and Frosty, which is a yes.

    • Not at all. I provided NR all of its servers in a TREATY, which the terms clearly said I had the full rights to take everything back if I said so. I did that, everything was taken fairly. Unless you want a war to wage, you need to learn to stay in your place and sit quiet, where you belong.

  2. Hi toy.

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