Mod reset

We currently have many inactive mods so if you are a mod comment.


5 Responses

  1. I’m a Mod
    By the way FIRSTTTTT

  2. I think I deserve to be a mod because, everytime I join the chat, I always see a person who Is not following the rules etc. I want to be a mod to stop that from happening. I want to make a change in society and for Nw! I know I have the full potential and I can use grammar, but I just want to act fast and make Nw a Better Group, I also know that somebody said in the chat that Nw is dieing or something? That really hurt me when I heard that and that’s when I realised I need to make a change, I attend UK Events all the time. Please give me a chance. – Fireblaze247

    • I still believe in us.

  3. im mod

  4. Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy. I’ll try to come on more often, starting today! Sorry I’ve been inactive.
    Taco cat spelled backwards is still taco cat!

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