All NW troops this is a warning to all of you that many of you may be fired. Our sizes lately haven’t been the same. We haven’t hit 30 in a while which is disappointing. I expect troops to come to at least 5 events starting 6/6/16 to 6/13/16 if they would like to keep their jobs. This is not acceptable getting 10-20 on every event. And whoever is saying NW is dying we are not. You act like losing size is the biggest thing it’s not. We have a PB v ACP on Saturday at 8est 5pst. I am starting to keep track of inactive people and soon people may lose their jobs or get demoted here in NW if the don’t come. I expect 20+ at the PB and if we get 40+ I will give away membership.



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  1. I was there

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